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10 Detoxifying Superfoods

Come and see what's in a Holistic Nutritionist's bag!

In this interactive and engaging talk, you'll learn about 10 nourishing and detoxifying superfoods. Michelle will share these incredibly powerful foods and their medicinal benefits, what they're often used for, and how to purchase, prepare and store them.

Michelle believes that the word Detox has a bad reputation, because it is often associated with strange elixirs, restrictive diets and flushes. And yet, our bodies were gifted with such incredible things as our liver, digestive system, kidneys and and skin - ALL of which are made to detoxify for us. If we set aside the elixirs and magic potions and instead focus our energy on nourishing our bodies as a whole, it will be supported in detoxifying itself naturally. 

Later Event: May 27
Breathe Bracelets Workshop