My Experience with Food Sensitivity Testing

As a virtual Holistic Nutritionist, one of the services I provide is food sensitivity testing. Since I would never give my clients something to do that I wasn't willing to try myself, I decided to be the guinea pig and perform the test on myself!

If you'd prefer to just check out a video of me explaining how it works and my experience, scroll to the bottom of this blog post. :)

I really wanted to get the full experience of what my client would go through with this type of testing, and I also thought it'd really just be good information to know about myself! For those of you who have followed me for a while, you may know I contracted a rather serious infection in my gut after my son was born. One of the biggest challenges I faced with it was that I was suddenly having strange reactions to certain foods I have always been fine with. Surely a food sensitivity test could clear the air for me!

When I received my kit, the packaging provided super easy instructions. It came with 2 little lancets which are used to prick your finger with. In all honesty, I was so nervous about this part! I didn't know how long the needle would be, so I used the first lancet on the side of my desk! haha! I definitely don't recommend doing this though, because there's a reason there are 2 of them! If the puncture stops bleeding and you're unable to capture enough blood, you are able to use the second one to create another puncture. 

It doesn't require all that much blood though, and the puncture was so gentle I didn't feel a thing! I was so nervous leading up to it that when I finally actually did it, I laughed at myself a little. :)

The testing kit comes with a prepaid shipping envelope (for Canadians only - American residents would need to handle their shipping costs), so I popped the test, along with my requisition form in the envelope and away it went to the post office.


Here were my results:

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 9.15.54 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 9.16.08 PM.png

Talk about eye-opening! Not only do I have a high level of sensitivity to most of the common offenders like gluten, dairy and peanuts, but also my beloved eggs, potatoes, cashews and even brazil nuts!

One thing I will say is that this test makes me feel so impressed with my intuition! I made the most gorgeous and nourishing lasagna last year which used a bit of cashew ricotta cheese. It was SO delicious I went back for seconds - Yet 3 days later my stomach felt awful! (sometimes sensitivities are super hard to pinpoint because reactions can be delayed by several days) I had eaten cashews so many times before so it wouldn't seem like that could be the culprit, yet somehow I felt like that had to have something to do with it! 

I also was on a bit of a brazil nut kick lately. I kept a little container of them in the fridge and had 2 every day or so (Brazil nuts are an excellent source of selenium. Just a few per day gives you all you need!). My intuition told me something wasn't feeling right and I suspected the brazil nuts. I was right!

Overall, I am SO thankful I took this testing. It's such invaluable information to have about myself, especially while recovering from this gut infection. I certainly don't want to be consuming foods that my body reacts and creating more inflammation while I'm navigating my way through recovery! I want my body to be able to focus on healing instead of having to focus it's energy on taking care of that slice of bread I just ate!

It's such a fascinating learning experience, and one that I hope inspires you. So many of us try to rush our journey to ultimate health, but it's something that I have learned simply can't be rushed. The journey to health is LIFELONG, and healing does NOT happen overnight. Each day we learn something new, we adapt, we adjust our strategies, and we move forward.

One delicious (gluten-free) bite at a time. ;)