The Best Way to Batch Prep & Freeze Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower. Are you a fan?

It seems to be the trendy, low-carb veggie everyone is raving about these days, but me and cauliflower, we just never seem to get along. Unless it’s straight up roasted or steamed, I’ve never fancied myself much of a cauli person.

Y’know those recipes you see floating around on Pinterest that swap bread, cream or potatoes for cauliflower? I’ve tried them all, and I didn’t like ANY of them.

Cauliflower breadsticks, pizza crust, garlic bread, alfredo sauce, buffalo wings, mashed potatoes, to name a few. I have tried (and miserably failed) at every single one of them.

I’m sure these swaps are great, and can be made delicious in some sort of way, but I have always been completely incapable of making cauliflower taste good.

Until now!

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 3.33.32 PM.png

Here’s a cool fact: Did you know that the name “cauliflower” comes from the florets, which are actually comprised of thousands of actual flowers that are tightly compressed together?

Cauliflower is also a cruciferous vegetable (cruciferous veggies get their name from their buds, which are the shape of a crucifix. Who knew!). Cruciferous veggies such a broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts, cabbage, radish, bok choy, and yes – even cauliflower, are kind of a big deal because they’re insanely high in nutrients, anti-cancer and immune boosting properties.

In other words, you want them in your diet.

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 3.35.48 PM.png

This past year, the hubs and I decided to try the Whole30 program after I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to interview Melissa Hartwig, the super sweet and lovely co-founder of the program! One of the most popular side dishes that everyone on the program seemed to be raving about was Cauliflower rice. Dare I give our friendship a go?

I decided that anything was worth trying once, and off I went to the grocery store to scoop up 2 organic heads of cauliflower.

Not only did it turn out to be a really tasty and SUPER easy side dish, I quickly realized it could be used for much more than just a swap for rice. I started using it as a filling for all kinds of things (omelettes, collard wraps, meatloaf and chili, to name a few), and I knew that batch prepping would not only be a good way to only buy in season (because WHO wants to pay $8 for a cauliflower in the winter?), it’d also make my weekdays SO much easier. I mean, who can say no to less washing, chopping, and prepping on a weeknight?

Oh. And Nate seriously LOVES this stuff. Hello, instant baby food!

I was concerned it might get mooshy after freezing it in batches, but it doesn’t! It thaws perfectly, and when laid flat in a ziploc, it can be thawed in a matter of minutes for cooking.  Brilliant!


Cauliflower Rice (Batch Prep & Freeze)

You will need:

2 or more heads of cauliflower
A food processor
A big spoon or scoop
Paper Towel
Ziploc freezer bags (Your choice of large ones or smaller for single-servings)


Chop the florets from each cauliflower and discard the root/leaves. Give them a good wash (even if they’re organic!), and shake off any excess water. Pulse a handful of florets at a time until they get to small, rice-sized pieces. Pulse too much and you’ll have moosh, so keep an eye on it!


Transfer to a baking dish and pat as dry as you can with paper towel (This step is optional, but it does help to prevent freezer burn if you plan to use larger bags!).

cauli rice.jpg

Scoop it into large freezer bags, or smaller ones if you plan to store them in individual servings.
Press the bags flat and remove any excess air to save freezer space.


When it’s time to cook, simply grab a single-serve bag straight from the freezer, or break a corner off of your larger bag and toss it right in the pan!


That’s it! Too easy, right?

What are your favourite ways to use cauliflower?